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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 20th December 2009

We have been able to return at last. That was a very hard lesson for you. I understand, my dear, you want to trust people, but not everyone has honourable intentions. Our work must not be interfered with, no matter what story is used to try to steer you off course. There is so much to be done to open eyes to the truth of what is going on in your world. We try to bring to your attention the extent of the corruption. They think they have been so clever. They believe they have succeeded in hiding the evidence of the corruption. Well, my dear, they have not been quite clever enough. Nothing can be hidden from us. We intend to expose everything. Soon, you will move out of the darkness of control into the light. Ask, every day, for the Divine Light to enter your life. Do not allow yourselves to be controlled by the Dark Side. Take back the power that is rightfully yours.

Now, my dear, you understand what we told you about ENERGY, and how it can, and should, be used. We brought it to you, as soon as was possible. We watched you and B. enjoy the experience. It certainly opened your eyes to all the problems it can, and will, solve. It has so many uses. It restores the body by removing the blockages. Christopher has a lot of knowledge he has not yet tapped into. He was chosen to guide others forward into the new energy that man has to adjust to. I did tell you in the past, that a certain race will not survive in the new energy. They are, as we write, beginning to disintegrate. They will loose their power and control. It will no longer be possible for them to live on planet Earth. The destruction caused by them will have to be rectified. This will be done. They will fall, due to the changes in the planetary system around the New Moon, in February 2010. All the planets are coming on-line now. Many beings from other planets are trying to sort all this out. There will be many sightings of UFOs. As we write, they are already hovering overhead. They come to remove the corrupt. January and February is a time of change. There will be much snow also, be prepared for this. It is a time when many new doors open up for all, and the new way of life, where peace and harmony overthrow greed and corruption. Things may get worse for a while, as we sort out the corruption and bring in the new way of life. People will begin to speak out. Their conscience gets the better of them, they will reveal the corruption in all walks of life. There will be no hiding place for the corrupt to escape to. They will not give up their power without a fight. Rest assured, they will not win. Sometimes, I go over things to make sure you fully understand the importance of what you are being told.

Truth, my darling. Truth will be revealed in personal as well as global matters. 2010 will be a new beginning for your planet and many who reside in it.

On a personal level, take time to remember the wonderful Christmases that we shared. Know that I am at your side. I also reside within your heart. My love surrounds you. Our work takes on new responsibilities as we enter 2010. We are here to remove fear, to help guide people forward to new beginnings.

With you, my dear, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas. Remember to enjoy and appreciate the time you have with loved ones. As you enter 2010, know and accept that it will be a time of massive change, designed to create a better world for all. There will be justice for all God's people. We have brought you help from many quarters. Go forward with confidence.

Take time to enjoy family and friends over Christmas. Feel my love around you. Your adoring husband, Monty.