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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 29th October 2006

I am pleased with the website and I’m not surprised at the reaction of my old colleagues; if they are not part of it, they will just ignore it. But in time, when we go forward by leaps and bounds, they will regret not trying to help you. They will be left by the wayside; their pride will not allow them to concede that I am working with you.

So TR felt she had to criticise Scole; but in fact, she is criticising me. She had to lash out, somehow. No doubt there will be more from where that came from. Ignore them — not worth their salt. It’s sour grapes, just pity them.

You, my dear, need to rest. How many more people need to tell you that. I know and appreciate all that you do, but you can't make yourself ill. Remember what happened to me?

Your anger with GP is justified. He is so desperate for recognition that he will go to any length to get it. S is at the end of his reign, but he will use others to attack. He still has one or two who have not left the sinking ship.

I look back and wonder if I ever had any real friends in the psychic world. They were all hangers on, all taking; and even after I left that mortal coil, they still tried to take, irrespective of how much pain it caused you. I watched in horror. I felt I left you all on your own to deal with so much dishonesty and greed. I am so sorry.

The future: the young man — Robert's friend — who came to see you. I liked him and he cares. Justice is so important to him. What a pity you did not meet him two years ago. It would have saved you so much pain and stress.

Please meet Anthony soon and Robert also. There must be a plan of action. Each of you must define your roles, etc. Robert and Anthony, you know you can trust. You are all friends. There is good karma there. Use the time that Robert is in London to go forward as much as possible.

We need exposure. Try to follow PD’s advice. He is prepared to go on TV and do interviews. We must go public on all this. You can do it. I have every confidence in you, my love. You know that. You've done it in the past and you can do it again.

We are trying to bring the new medium to you. We are grooming her and you will work with her. It has to be someone new, as the people you already know are not capable of carrying out our plans. I asked Christine Holoham to tell you, as you needed a boost on Tuesday. Please trust me — all will happen in the fullness of time. There is only so much we can control. Women will come to your aid; they will understand in a way that men cannot.

Your workload increases and you need help. It will come. Try to rest as much as possible — yes, I know, I couldn't either. I never thought I would ever say this, but we are two of a kind!

You will meet people, next week, who may offer a helping hand. Take it and be grateful. It will be good for you to be in that kind of atmosphere again. You always used to enjoy conferences. Give as much information as possible on what we are trying to achieve, etc.

Ireland seems to be popping into your mind a lot now — the peace and tranquility, etc. It would be so good for you to first spend time there. It is where your heart is, you never ever belonged in England. I loved being in Ireland with you. We did have some wonderful times there. I even learned to play the spoons like a native!

We are still together in every possible way. I never, ever leave you. Love, such as we enjoyed, does not ever die. It is pure and never-ending.

Try to have a better week. Have time-out just for you. We will endeavour to protect you and guide you.

You see me a lot more, these days — that will increase as time goes on. My love, I am always by your side, now and forever. Your Monty.