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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 28th October 2007

You have had an exhausting week. Try not to take on so much in the future. You have always put yourself out for others. You have not got the time or the energy to do this now. Our work together is what you should concentrate on. We ask so much of you, my love. I try to help you as much as is possible, from this side of life. You put your heart and soul into it. You understand the importance of it. It was always our wish to leave this world a better place than when we came, and now we achieve this by working from both sides of life. You are making great strides in all directions. People are coming forward, and when they fully understand what our aims are, trust me darling, there are still some honest people in your world.

Honesty and integrity, whatever has happened to them? I cannot believe it was this bad when I was on Earth. All I see now, are people who are only worried about protecting their own reputations, irrespective of the harm being done to our field. Surely, when there is a rotten apple in the box, you remove it, before it contaminates the other apples. People must stand up and be counted.

The dishonesty in my own blood family is also very distressing for me to observe. Surely they know I can see it all from here. Money drives them, and no matter how much they have, they will always want more. They have betrayed me. I was sold out to the highest bidder. They, too, will answer one day. They all think they will make money out of my research. It does not matter how they dress it up, IT WAS STOLEN! They had no right to it, whatsoever. The World of Spirit will not stand by and watch this – the work which I spent all those hours researching – which without you my love, supporting me and looking after me, would never have been completed. It is important research for your world. These people, driven by GREED and SELF-IMPORTANCE, will be exposed. Our property was stolen, both from my study and our garage, and that, my dear, is a crime in anyone's book, and deserves to be exposed and punished. People in positions of responsibility must behave responsibly. This will not go away, it's far too serious. We in Spirit are very saddened by all this. But be assured, it will not stop our work together. That is a promise.

Concentrate on our Foundation. Word of this is getting to the people who matter and they are coming forward to become part of it. Remember, we are the architects of our own destiny. Peter will be a big help and an advisor to you. Our dream is becoming a reality. Mark will take a more important role in all this. He has the vision to do this and he fits very well into your group. You work well together. Worry not, my love, it's all coming together very nicely.

I was busy, this week, dealing with the meetings to do with our project on CO2. I guided the thinking and all went very well indeed. It will not be long now before, with our help, the world will be free of this, and people throughout the world will breathe fresh air, once again.

We have opened up the possibility of COLD FUSION being seriously looked at, once more. I guided you to R, who has a friend who has a machine which produces energy using cold fusion. You found it exciting. What changes we have in store for your world. We have many more projects for you to look at. Do not worry, my love, you do not have to be a scientist. We open all the right doors, all you have to do, is to walk through and then open it up to the world, and the right people will come on board to deal with it. You know all this was brushed aside and discredited; again, GREED and big business are responsible. I am overseeing all this now, and with you, my love – guided by me – we will open all this up, once more. Your world needs it. Right now, they are on self-destruct. This cannot be allowed, it is not theirs to destroy. Questions will be asked in the right places. You are blessed with an honest and honourable man at the UN. We have great faith in him and you will meet him soon.

You will have Marcia and Ciara for a few days. Try to relax and enjoy being with your family. What a blessing they are to you. Take a break from our work as the rest of the month will be very demanding for you. There are so many people to meet. Your friends from our Foundation and the UN will be in London with you. Please welcome them for me. Their contribution to our work is very much appreciated and valued.

Darling, you never fail to amaze me. Your devotion to me and our work is very touching. We are as one. We in Spirit watch over and guide you, and our work. Go forward in truth and honesty, in our name. I am your devoted husband, Monty.