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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 23rd August 2009

Veronica, my dear, you are very aware that your world is about to enter The Age of Transformation. People must be prepared, and know and accept that this is what must happen for mankind to go forward into the New Age of Enlightenment. This is a very significant time to be on the Earthplane. Ancient wisdom will return and set man free. The time for manifestation approaches. The nine gods and the Great Creator, prepare to rescue man from the evil that now surrounds you, and wants to take control of you, by very devious means. Again, I ask you, to look at the true facts of the Council of Nicea, which in simple terms was just A HORSE TRADE for power and control. The Vatican is not as it is portrayed. Occult knowledge and sacred geometry rule. Look at the City of London. That ‘square mile’ is not part of the United Kingdom . . .  ask WHY? Why are blood lines so protected?

Man will reclaim his birthright. I know that sometimes I go over things. This is only to make people open their eyes and see what is being done to them. Wealth may buy you material things, but it has no power on my side of life. You are all God's creatures and he will not abandon you in your hour of need. I ask over and over, that you all come together. Share your information and guidance. A voice in the wilderness is seldom heard, but together, you have the strength to say "NOT IN MY NAME". Come together peacefully and with dignity, and you will be listened to. Trust me, I will guide you safely through this difficult time. Know that there are many like you in your world, who know that something must be done, and they look for guidance. Yes, I know it is hard for you, my dear, to believe that justice will be done, and all will be revealed, because of the terrible abuse and deceit and downright criminal behaviour of those I had trusted. It was foolish of me to think that because I was an honourable man, that they would act honourably after my passing. Their evil behaviour will be revealed.

What an exciting week it has been for you. Your visit to Marina was so special. She is of the light. It is good to see you together. I was happy to be there with you in those special surroundings, filled with Spirit. Her work will be recognised. You love being with Karen and her lovely family, so full of light and love and peace, who live in the most beautiful setting. Being there, gives you the the strength to go forward with our work. Seeing you and Karen out with the horses in those lovely country lanes brought joy to my heart. I thank her for all her kindness. We in Spirit, note with gratitude every kindness that is shown to you, as you travel this difficult path.

It was not easy for you to look at the film that was sent to you for your approval. I pointed out to you that they had gone against the evidence regarding my bodily death. We, my dear, cannot allow this inaccuracy to go out in the public domain. The medium was absolutely correct when she said, "His breath was taken". Why do people have difficulty in accepting the truth. You have the evidence. My breath was taken from me. The Spiritworld decided it was time for me to return and to commence my work with you. What is their difficulty, have I not given enough evidence of my continued existence and my communication. The doctors who did my Post Mortem, could not find a cause of death, even after THREE AND A HALF HOURS OF TRYING. When they called you and your daughter, and asked if I had ever had an operation, as they had to put something down. In your distress, you agreed to them putting down an old operation. Please, darling, you could not have understood the significance of this at the time. You had just lost me and you were heartbroken. Remember, you are my voice on Earth. You are, as it happens, the only one I can trust. I ask you, trust only those I approve of. Worry not, my dear, they will soon know just who Monty Keen really is. You are fortunate to have around you some very beautiful souls, who understand and trust what we are endeavouring to achieve. They support you in every way possible. They are not part of the narrow-minded elite who only want fame and fortune, and will go to any lengths to get it. There is only one who can step into my shoes and we are preparing him.

My poor darling, I am aware of how difficult it is for you to live in both worlds. You find the reality of life on Earth, with all the lies and propaganda to mislead and control mankind, appalling. To governments, life is cheap. When they want to get rid of one or two, they have no hesitation in blowing up hundreds of people. After all, they are not important to them. There is a complete lack of respect for life and man's right to life. The hypocrisy of it all, deeply disturbs you. Again, I say, not all is as it seems, and not everyone is as they seem either. Look for the hidden agenda. This is something I should have done when I was in Earth form. I would not have taken people's words and accepted them as honest. Life has never been quite as EVIL as it is now. My dear, whether you are in Earth form, or on my side of life, these changes will happen. You know, my dear, that it is way beyond man's capability to understand God. Even religions have got it so completely wrong. They think they can get away with things, but you know everything will be answered for. Remember "what you do unto the least of my little ones, you do unto me." You are all God's creatures, every last one of you. When the killing stops and reality is restored, and all the propaganda ceases, man will have time to think for himself, once more. Do not allow the FEAR that is being inflicted on you, to dominate your lives. This is what those in control want. Speak to Spirit. Ask for help. We cannot interfere unless invited.