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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 24th December 2006

Happy Christmas, my love. What a joy it was to be at Simon’s on Friday, to share not just the wonderful meal but the laughter and the real family spirit, and the sharing of gifts, etc.

Maeve is the epitome of a fairy Godmother, so generous to all. Please wish them all a very happy Christmas and thank them for all the memories they’ve given to me.

Life does not get easier, your health still gives cause for concern. Spend time on it, when Robert returns, and try to follow his advice. Telling you, you need a rest seems to be a waste of time. Now, I just force you to rest by making you so sleepy you do not have a choice. We have our ways of getting people to rest!

Our web site is certainly getting more attention from Australia as well as America. People are getting excited by it. Things they put so much store by, in the past, seem so trivial now. They are completely out of their depth, and do not know which way to turn. There are some, of course, that no matter what I do, they will never accept the fact that the afterlife exists. It does not fit in with what they find comfortable, and they would have to admit they were wrong in their beliefs. In time, my dear, they will no longer have a choice. Just think on that for a moment!

I am deeply aware of just how much you miss me over Christmas. Think on the times I was there, and how much I enjoyed them. Opening presents with the children always touched me deeply, I never had that as a child.

I do not want to discuss our projects now, this is family time. A time for you to treasure the time spent with your family around you. Wherever you are, my love, I am there too. I am never out of your thoughts, day or night.

You will see great changes in your world next year. It has to happen. The dishonest people will be dealt with, their days are well and truly over. It will start in politics and will filter down through every strand of life. The scales will be lifted from eyes, and people will have the courage to speak out and be heard. I wish it had happened in my day, but I am happy to be instrumental in the process now. It was part of the reason I was taken when I was, to help the world prepare for this. You understand, my dear, I would not have been able to do this if I were still alive. I know people still like to say I had a heart attack — you know I did not. They came for me and just gently took me, there was no pain or discomfort of any sort. You will meet people in time, who will understand this, and talk with you about it. Death does not have to be painful or frightening. Man’s ignorance has created this myth.

You remember I told you when the new man took over at the UN, that will herald the changes. He is now in place, he is a man of courage and integrity and energy. We expect great things from him and he will deliver. You may even meet him in time, when you go to the UN again. I know how much you enjoyed being invited there last May. That was your first trip to the UN. There will be many more. It is a great platform for our work. You will make many more friends there, in time. We are on our way. There is no stopping us now. We have waited for this moment. We, in spirit, have great plans. You, my dear, are our instrument, and a very nice one too, if I may say so!

Please try to rest. Enjoy the family around you, knowing I am there also. Pour me a G and T, and just leave it for me. Surround yourself with love and all the good things of Christmas. I will share it with you. I am forever, your own Monty.

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