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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 19th August 2007

We greet you, my love, and thank you for all the effort you are putting into our project. You have dedicated your life to it with such love and devotion. We in the Network are very grateful and appreciate all that you do. Your love for me drives you. Your determination to have my work out there for all to see and understand, will help people to come to terms with life on the Earthplane. I am truly grateful. Right now, people do not know which direction to go in, everyone insisting they alone have the answers. These are confusing times for all.

I take every opportunity to get through. I need you to relax more, then I am able to actually show you, instead of passing information directly into your brain. I enabled you to re-live our holiday in Egypt. I showed you all the places we went to. We were so happy there. I reminded you of the wonderful experiences we had there, it was good for me, too. Veronica, my dear, you helped me experience joy and happiness I never dreamed possible. I was such an odd bod and my work was paramount in my life. You understood that, and made it possible for me to concentrate on it. You alone understood its importance.

How delighted you were to hear people are changing their minds on Hillary Clinton. Alison's call to let you know that she had been interviewed in the American Press, and her stance on the war has changed. She is now against it. Do not underestimate our ability to work on people to show them the way forward. I also showed you, this week, all the Spirits assigned to help change the thinking in your world, rushing through to Earth. You were taken aback at how many there were. It is a mammoth task. Trust me, there is much work to be done, and we will succeed. You, my dear, played an important part in it. Nothing can stop us now. That is why I had to go when I did. Leaving you was heartbreaking, but my work had to go on, on another level, and could not be done from the Earthplane.

Our plans are great and though many will try to stop us, they will not be able. The most they will achieve, will be to delay us a little. Much thought and planning has gone into this, by the GREATEST MINDS that ever graced the Earth. You were upset you did not recognise some of them. Worry not, they just wanted you to see them as friends and colleagues. We are all working to the same end. We listened as you explained the fact I have to communicate on your level, not my usual one; so you understand and the majority of people will also understand what is going on. When I materialise and speak, then I will be the old Monty again, and that may be sooner than you think.

We have built up so much energy in our house, it makes it uncomfortable for the dishonest to feel at ease there. You all experienced the energy at your séance, last week, and you could all actually see it. We were pleased. The house had Spirit in it when we bought it. Now it is all good spirits, creating the right vibrations for your circle to enable us to come forward to talk directly with you. Your patience will be rewarded. The world is ready. Everyone understands things cannot go on as they are, but do not know which way to turn All will be made clear soon.

You have some very nice people around you now. You needed that support. Your friendship with Bronwen deepens. Yes, I know she reminds you of me. Her thinking is similar to my own. She is a wonderful guide on Earth, and will steer you in the right direction when necessary. A very wise lady. You forget your ages when you get together. Your laughter and excitement is so good to see and share in.

Take care, my love, we have work to do, you and I, and soon you will see the fruit of your struggle. Yes, struggle it has been for you. But you never faltered and we thank you for that. Rest — yes, I am going on about rest again. But you do need it. Try to enjoy your week with Marcia and Ciara. You are very precious to us. I am, as always, at your side. Your adoring husband, Monty.