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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 25th May 2008

My darling, the image in your mind today has the potential to manifest and change your tomorrows. It is time to put your logical mind aside and trust your instincts. Take a quantum leap of faith. Stretch your imagination — go for it! The odds are in your favour and you are supported on many levels. Concentrate on knowing from within that the right actions will occur.

There are many out there, all trying to put you off course. Trust me, darling, they fear only for themselves. Their aim is to protect all their ill-gotten gains and preserve the quality of life that deception and corruption has provided for them. They refuse to see the changes that are inevitable in your world. Man has to accept that he is not all-powerful. Something greater than him, controls the universe and all in it. Man's knowledge of the universe is minuscule. Those who try to enlighten their fellow man are firmly cast aside as "out of their minds". They protect the status-quo at all costs. It is time to look at the bigger picture, the blinkers must come off.

I know, my darling, that you are looking forward to your séance this week. It will be lovely to see everyone around the table in our home, once again. I will try not to disappoint you. We in Spirit, enjoy our get-togethers with our friends just as much as you do. Your guest from the US is very welcome to join us. His energy is beautiful and his presence will enhance our group. It is good for you to be with like-minded people, all coming together to ensure the truth about the Spirit World is out there for all who wish to open their lives to it. Bringing enlightenment to your world is of paramount importance. Too many live in the darkness of the material world, living only for material gain by hook or by crook. Real love has no place in their world. Our love for each other is as a beacon of light in an, otherwise, dark world. This light will draw people together to question their own lives and to seek a deeper meaning for life on Earth.

Try not to get bogged down trying to deal with the corrupt, they are not worth one moment of your precious time. They have spent their lives creating the make-believe lives they are living. They ‘talk-the-talk’ and have years of experience of dodging questions and giving false explanations. They convince only those who wish to be convinced. Trust me, their credibility is draining away. Their days are numbered.

I did warn you that this year would bring many changes throughout the world. We are trying to ease the tension and uncertainty that people are feeling. Change is always feared, but change it must. The Old Order has to go. People need to find their confidence, once more, and trust that what is taking place is for the good of mankind. Women must come forward to restore balance.

Our Foundation goes from strength to strength. There is not one week goes by without many more people being led to it. They come from all religions, and some, no religion at all. But all with one aim — to seek the truth about the afterlife. As in everything else, the TRUTH will come out in the end.

Say “hello” to everyone, for me, as you enjoy Simon's cooking once more, to celebrate Helen's birthday. Worry not, I will be there. I will take a glass of wine with Simon. His wine is second to none. An excellent choice always. Be happy in the knowledge that we are making progress on all fronts. You have been giving a lot of thought to R.P. We are trying to find a way to make it happen, as soon as is possible.

Enjoy your week. You know what needs to be done. So go forward with confidence. Never think of yourself as my widow. You are my wife, and always will be. Our love goes on. I remain your devoted husband, Monty.