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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 16th August 2009


You, my dear Veronica, have stood up for truth and faced those evil people who stole our property and who continue to lie and cheat. They went against everything I stood for. Remember, evil only exists to subvert or corrupt. Evil has within it the seeds of its own annihilation. Many throughout your world have awakened to the truth and are speaking out and are being listened to. Truth will triumph in the end. The corrupt will fall by the wayside. Their evil plans will not succeed. The fear they create, fear of those they call terrorists, when in fact they only try to defend their people and their countries. Look at the real reasons for invading their countries. Look back at history. Pearl Harbor was a set-up by Roosevelt. Hitler burned down the Reichtag, etc. They create their own enemies and so the killing goes on, while the bankers get richer and richer, by supporting both sides in war, and the money and control is all theirs. It is in their interests to create fear, and so create reasons to invade other countries. They want your oil and your other resources, so they go ahead and take it. There is planned another war to start on the 9-9-09. You have been told. We in Spirit are trying to prevent this happening. The blood sacrifice must stop.

I ask you all, do not succumb to the fear that is being created. Its purpose is to take your minds off what is really happening. It is all part of the population agenda. People are deceived by the enormous power of the few. Look at those who will gain by a mass vaccination programme.

Veronica, it was lovely to walk with you once more on the strand at Inch. The peace, tranquility and sheer beauty of the place is good for the soul. You needed to return to where you and I were so happy. Our love will never cease. No one can ever take what we had and continue to have. To see you laugh once more, with people who understand and appreciate what they have, and who reach out to others with a warmth that is truly heart-warming.

We need you, my darling, to be strong, as the next five months will reveal so much. By the end of January 2010, we in Spirit will have achieved all that we have set out to achieve. We reveal more and more to you, and bring people to your attention who strive for truth to be revealed, and people to again have control over their own destiny. Do not allow yourselves to be herded like cattle to the abattoir, for this is where you are being blindly lead. Look beyond what you are being told on TV and in newspapers. It is but propaganda to control you. You owe it to yourself, your children and your children's children, to face the truth and reclaim what is yours by right. Do not allow the fear that is being forced on you to control you.

Religion has been used to create fear so as to control. You and I only have to look back at what we were born into. Yet we had the strength of will to refuse to be part of it. We had the freedom to research, to learn the true reasons why we were on Earth. I have told you many times, that what happened before we met was incidental, our real work started when we met. You and I could never be part of their way of life. In our hearts we knew the truth and lived by it. Our work will help to release mankind from the hypnotic slavery that was inflected on him for corrupt reasons.

You have been looking at the work of MT. Though he is not correct in everything he writes, he has confirmed what you knew in your soul about Ireland. You knew that the Irish were far in advance of the rest of the world. It was, after all, an Irishman who discovered America. They travelled, they explored the Earth, teaching, sharing their knowledge. Look at the ancient monuments. They are evidence of a civilisation that lived many, many thousands of years ago, who understood God and the universe in which they lived. God’s ways were much better understood then. Ask why the druids were killed. All their works destroyed; their schools and colleges, also. The myths and legends contain the truth. They were passed on by word of mouth. There are two groups within your world who have planned for many years to dominate and control all. You know who they are. I repeat once more, nothing is as it seems. Never take anything at face value. The corrupt have used every weapon at their disposal to fool man into submission. Enlightenment is happening and cannot be stopped. It is happening all around the world. You are, by no means, the only one. I am one of twelve and soon, your inner circle will be twelve also. One has yet to come. We, in Spirit, thank all those who support you and our work. One day they will rejoice with us in Spirit. Veronica, your devotion to me and our work is an inspiration to others. I thank you. Go forward with confidence, knowing that love and truth guide you. Pity those whose lives are ruled by greed and corruption. They have much to learn. When they face death — and face it they must — they will surely answer for all their deeds. Of this there can be no doubt.

Enjoy the sunshine and the company of the enlightened people who are there to support you. My love is yours for all time. I am your adoring husband, Monty.