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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 12th August 2007

Enlightenment is coming, my darling. Not much longer to wait now. All will be revealed in the fullness of time. You and Jo have been putting some of the pieces together and are beginning to see the full picture becoming more clear. Your exclamations are noted. It is gently done, as the enormity of it all would be too much for you to take on board. Always remember, we are at your side to guide and protect you.

You were warned of people whose intentions are to prevent our work from reaching fruition at all costs. Last week's developments now make clear just what lengths these people will go to. Darling, you must be prepared, they will come in all guises. I showed you the beautiful fox with his luxurious coat. But never forget for one second, he is a fox. Do not be taken in by the false emails and offers of help. My old colleagues are angry and do not wish us well. But I also showed you the kitten that becomes the lion. The Spiritworld is more powerful than all of them. We see into their souls. They cannot hide from us.

I also showed you many of the people who work with me on our project. They wanted you to see them as friends and colleagues. You will get to know them better as time goes on, and many of them will materialise with me, when everything is in place. You understand the importance of love. Your world no longer values it. It has been lost in the pursuit of selfishness and greed. Books and magazines are destroying the minds of the young. Films and TV also. They are being fed killing and violence every day, so why are they surprised when the young go on to kill. They are brainwashed from birth. The young should be nurtured and guided by example. There is a big responsibility there, that has been ignored. Our work will try to rectify this.

I joined you on your visit to Joan's. The peace and tranquility of that special place was so good for you. Spirit love to be there. It has not been contaminated by the world you live in. It's as if it's still way back in a time when life was at a much slower pace, and it returns you to that time as you go through the gates, and all is pure and peaceful. Do try to go more often, you need the tranquility to give your brain a rest from the constant demands made on you. I loved you to take me there. Now I can be there whenever I choose. Take good care of the Monk's chair. Use it wisely, and be selective as to who sits in it, as it's very special. Our Foundation thanks her for her generosity. She is looked after by Spirit. Many never leave her.

Now, I know some people do not understand what's going on, as you do not put out all the information you have, as it would be foolish to do so. Just tell them, they will in time. Just have a little patience with us. Yes, my dear, Ban-Ki-Moon is certainly living up to our expectations. He is such a good man. He is a leader who can communicate with confidence. He knows and understands what needs to be done. Just think what he will achieve when Hillary Clinton and Nancy Polosi work with him. That is the political triangle we in Spirit have chosen to heal the world. Please, darling, make this public knowledge, and beg people to forget political differences and preferences, and look to the future that needs these people to create a better world for all. People must learn to forget also misplaced loyalties, and look instead to what the world needs, and what their fellow man needs, and go for it. All will benefit as a result. We see the BIGGER PICTURE and advise accordingly. We are, after all, trying to rescue your world, and you owe it to your children and future generations. There is no room for the dishonest and greedy in what we endeavour to create. Perhaps in time, they will come to understand what can be achieved through love.

I have not "died". I am still with you. You are truly loved and appreciated. Your husband, Monty.