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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 10th August 2008

Veronica, my dear wife, whose love and devotion to me is an inspiration to so many. I am deeply aware of those times when you miss my physical presence. Yes, it is painful for you, but I do show you that I am around you. As yet, I cannot take you in my arms and hold you. In time, who knows. We may succeed in doing this, also. Always remember, it is our love that makes everything possible. Through love we will open doors to the world of Spirit, no one ever dreamed possible. Love and hate are very powerful emotions. Love is undemanding. Hate destroys the lives of those who hate. Like cancer, it takes over their lives. Sadly, they will never know love or happiness, only greed and destruction. It is such a pity to see it controlling so many lives in your world.

Darling, I promised you that people will come forward to be part of the Big Plan. Everyone having a roll to play in bringing it to fruition. They are our team, chosen by us in Spirit. Each contributing, in their own particular way, to bring about the changes in your world, necessary to create a more just world for all.

Even NASA, at this late stage, has had to admit that there are other planets. John and I, gave you this information soon after our transition. We will reveal all, in time. All questions will be answered. You, my dear, will create the portal for us to be able to give information directly from Spirit. You will see us as well as talk with us. The Spiritworld has waited a long time for this to happen and it is through our love link it will be achieved. I have shown you, many times, just how this will be done. The good people who will help to set it up, are coming forward every day. It will be a team effort. Do not worry that they are in different parts of the world right now. They are only a plane trip away. Yes, it is very exciting for us in Spirit, also. At last, the truth will be revealed to all.

Your workload will increase tremendously over the next few years. But I promise you will enjoy the experiences you will have. Opening peoples minds to Spirit has always been important to you. Now you are working directly with Spirit to create a better world for all. You are all Spirit, who happen to be wearing a human body just now. Why do so many try to run away from this fact. What are they afraid of? If you do not fulfil your purpose in life, then you return. The thought of reincarnation also scares them. They can run as far as they like, but face it they must. Think for a moment of the times in your lives when you meet someone for the first time and there is an instant rapport. This is because you have known them in past lives and it was good. Other times, you meet people you instantly dislike, and distrust them without any obvious reason to do so. Those people have hurt you in past lives, and subconsciously, you are warned to be wary of them. I know I have pointed this out before, but it is necessary to repeat this information, hoping that more people will take it on board.

When I speak out on film, the world will listen. Those who try to destroy you now, will have nowhere to hide. They will be exposed for all to see them for what they are. They will answer for what they have done to you, and by doing this to you, my beloved wife, they have done it to me. They have sinned against truth itself, and answer for it they must.

You have another interesting week ahead of you. Good people are coming forward. Our team is increasing in numbers, week by week. When I asked you to set up a Foundation, you said you did not know how. I asked you to trust me. You did, and look at it now. You have done so much better than you ever expected. Together, we will achieve all. Thank you, my love. I remain your devoted husband, Monty.