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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 2nd August 2009

Veronica, my dear, know that we in Spirit shared your joy as you walked by the sea and shared memories with your old friend. It was something that you and I loved to do and it brings back beautiful memories for you of our time together. I know that you are always conscious of my presence by your side. We are, my love, preparing you for the major changes that are ahead. We do not wish to make our plans public as yet, we would lose the element of surprise. The light will come. It will block out the darkness your world has been engulfed in. Mankind will, at last, see the light. No longer will countries commit to weapons of mass destruction. People will both speak and reach out to each other as never before.

I have pointed out many times, that not everyone in your world is of your world. On other planets, there is technology beyond your wildest dreams. We have discussed this in séance. It is not for your website. This knowledge is kept secret. Only "the few" know and control it. Mankind is kept in a kind of trance, accepting without question all that "the few" make available to them. Sadly, they do not realise that they are controlled and manipulated. They cannot see how this could be possible. They are being led like sheep to the slaughter. The corrupt are arch manipulators.

I promised that as we reach the close of 2009, information will come to light. Our two worlds will connect as never before. Man will once again see and speak to his loved ones. Many, on my side of life, have confirmed this to you. Now, I say to you, "wait and see"! You, Veronica, have been privileged to see and speak with the greatest minds who ever walked your Earth, who now work with me in Spirit, to bring these changes about. I do not work alone. I am one of twelve. There are other groups who support us. This is a concerted effort of ours to bring the light, to clear the darkness caused by greed and corruption. Truth will set man free.

We are working towards a day when the killing stops. When starvation is a thing of the past. When there is education for all. That people are starving in a world of plenty, is surely an indictment of the corruption that controls your world. There is more than enough food in your world to feed all mankind. There is sufficient medicine in your forests to heal all ills without it being necessary to test on animals. It is cheap to produce. Man needs to be educated as to how to make use of all that is freely available. You know how to take this forward when the timing is right. The task ahead of you is great, but know that you will succeed. Know who you are. Feel secure in the knowledge that you were successful in past lives. You carry this strength forward. More and more will be revealed to you as time goes on. Our link is great. Love, Veronica, is the greatest gift that life can bestow on you. That you and I, shared such love, upset many. They could not deal with it. I will reveal myself when the timing is right. I will speak out. I will bring truth for all mankind.

You have yet another busy week ahead of you. Enjoy your time with friends and loved ones. Know that my love is always with you. I remain your adoring husband, Monty.