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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 5th August 2007

How lovely it is, to see the sunshine in our garden once more, bringing back memories of the happy times you and I enjoyed in it.

It has been an interesting week, has it not. We opened your eyes to what was happening. We also brought confirmation of some very important information you have had in the past. You need reminding, now and again, because you are trying to do so much, it is difficult to remember everything. Your concern for the starving of the world is heartfelt. We did give you the information on the organic fruit made from molecules they are experimenting with. It will be successful. As you know, my dear, there is more than enough food to feed the world, but it is stockpiled by governments without concern for the needy.

You are experiencing in your world an escalation of floods and natural disasters, and it will continue. We have pointed out, several times, the WORLD IS OFF BALANCE. All you need, is for it to be a degree out, and you will get all those problems that are occurring. Your scientists know this and try to rectify it, but the problem stems from NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS, moving the Earth off balance, and if they are not careful they will push it right off balance, and send it swirling out of control. That is why you have winters and summers all mixed up.

The problem of pollution from cars, etc., as you know, the solution to this will happen shortly. Please try to hurry it up. It is so necessary.

Your automatic writing will have to become much faster. There is much to come to you spiritually, to help the masses to come to an understanding of the Spirit world. You see, my dear, man has lost his way. If governments were only to listen to the world of Spirit, their guides or their higher selves, the world would be a far better place for all. We will, through you, try to bring the information to your world. Do not worry, love. Your mind will be taken elsewhere while your hands write.

You were very upset when we told you of the earthquake that will happen. Nearly a million will be taken, my dear. There is nothing you can do about it. As you know, I am not allowed to tell you exactly when this will occur. That is spiritual law. Remember, always, you are only the guardians of planet Earth, and man has tried to destroy it, and it is the one thing he needs most. It was all given for a purpose. Gunpowder was given for mining, not nuclear explosions, killing. It was given to enhance the energy and the forces governed by it. It is time that scientists understood the POTENTIAL ENERGY and POWER that could be HARNESSED, instead of making weapons. Put the money into the Health Service and all the people of your world could live in luxury.

I return, once again, to HILLARY CLINTON. Yes, she would bring STABILITY, PEACE and HARMONY. So many countries hate the U.S. because of their greed — they have taken what is not rightfully theirs. We must look to WOMEN to bring SANITY to your world.

Look at Israel. They had a glorious opportunity of paying back when their masses were killed in concentration camps. They paid back from the time of Jesus, when they were told they had lost their lands. They gained that land peacefully. They were given it. THEY NEVER LEARNED ANYTHING. We now see women and children being killed and murdered, instead of having the foresight and the heart to go forward, saying, we will not do this, and living peacefully. WE NEED THE LAND. The people would have welcomed them into their lands. It will come to a climax. There is so much HATRED instilled in their children and until they learn to live in peace, to make friends not bombs, there is no hope.

You have made a note of the dates given to you. So be ready for some interesting and exciting experiences next month. Our plans are great. We will succeed. You, my love, have been a tower of strength to me. Your reward will come soon. You have made many sacrifices so we can achieve this. You must be on guard against people who are trying to disrupt our plans. Just be guided by us and you will not go wrong. Our love drives this forward. You are, my darling, loved and appreciated now, even more than when I was at your side on Earth, and I never leave you. We both look forward to the fulfilment of all our plans. We do not have long to wait. Trust me! We will succeed, my love. Your Monty.