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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 3rd August 2008

Yet another week when people have come forward to offer help and to become part of The Montague Keen Foundation. I did tell you that they would come to you. I will guide the right people to you. How lovely for both of us, yesterday, to have those two beautiful young ladies, so full of light and love at our table. See them as Earth angels, there to support you in our Foundation.

I am aware that this week, you are having meetings to discuss the CO2 project. Darling, trying to find honest, trustworthy people in the business world is extremely difficult. Never give up hope that the right people will come forward. This project has consequences for the whole world, you cannot afford to make mistakes. The wrong people have control of finances. They have wormed their way in, through banking and governments. It is the few controlling all. It is the cancer in your world.

Thank you, my darling, for making the right decision regarding New York. You know in your heart it was the right decision, though your head said otherwise. I ask so much of you, and you never refuse me. You see all that you do as a labour of love to help create a better world for all, not just the few. I must ask that you take time for you, also. It is important that you relax and unwind, to restore energy, otherwise you will become depleted and we cannot have that.

A lot of information flowed in, this week, that has helped to explain so many things. You now have a better understanding of what is happening. Information has come to light from someone who could foresee the future. You were excited when you realised that is exactly as I told you, shortly after my passing, and at the time you were ridiculed for suggesting that it could possibly happen. You know that man has not got the power to prevent it. All the scientists in your world will not be able to change one iota of the plan. Man will learn, in time, that the real power does not lie with man. He does not control life, death or the elements.

This is a time of change in your world. It a time of suffering and hardship for many, but it is necessary for real change to occur. No country is exempt from this, no matter how clever they think they have been. The corrupt are desperately trying to cling on to their ill-gotten gains. They "talk the good talk", they appear so charming, so caring and concerned for their fellow man. Do not trust them. I promise you, the world will recover and become a better place for all. Always remember, when you cast your vote for someone, you must understand it is a great responsibility. It is in your power to accept or reject someone. You owe it to yourself and your fellow man, not to allow yourself to be taken in by big smiles, fine words, promises that in your heart you know cannot be kept. An actor can play any part he chooses, but when he comes off the stage, he has to face facts and cope with reality. Ask yourself what drives these people. What is their real motivation.

You know what my plans are, my dear. It is just a question of removing the obstacles and forward we go, to give definitive proof of the continuity of life. I look forward to the various explanations that will come from the religions of your world. Do you think any of them will be honest enough to admit that they got it wrong. People have always found truth difficult to deal with. Questions will be asked. "Who was Montague Keen" and more importantly "who is Montague Keen". Why was he special, why didn't we realise this. How come Veronica knew the real M.K., what did she see that we couldn't. Why did we only see him as just Monty, always there to entertain us, whose research was not allowed to be spoken of. They never scratched the surface, never once looked at this complex man I once was. Being different was an embarrassment to them. With you, my darling, I could be me for the first time in that lifetime, and you loved and understood the real me. I was happy beyond my wildest dreams. With you, I was complete.

I will guide you. Go forward with confidence, knowing I am by your side in love, forever, your Monty.