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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 17th August 2008

This has been a week of enlightenment for you, my love. It took a little bit of organising on our part to bring it about. Forward we go on our path, searching for and bringing the right people into the fold. Your connection with D.B. was as we desired. You both found yourselves discussing things you were not aware you knew! At times the energy was almost electric. Spirit had been preparing her for some years, pushing her forward to gain as much knowledge as possible to prepare her to be able to stand up in the world and to speak with knowledge as well as conviction. Together, you will open minds and help to bring a new understanding of life in your world, helping them to become aware of their everlasting souls, or consciousness. It is something that cannot be adequately explained. But then, ask the question: can one explain love? You cannot see or touch it, but you can certainly feel it. I, myself, understood all this while on Earth and was amazed to find others had never given it a thought, and so, like empty vessels, rattled on, feeling so important because they had qualifications but had no understanding of the purpose of life whatsoever. I tried, you know I tried so hard to enlighten them, but I was speaking to closed minds. Remember how it used to upset us, my dear. You asked why I bothered to be involved with such people, but part of my role in that life was to try. Now, with your devotion, and the power of our love, I am able to do it from this side of life. Darling, believe me, they will listen. Our work is not in vain.

Our team expands and will continue to do so. We choose carefully. We, who see beyond the façade, and are able to look into the souls of those we choose. You know who you are, you know who I am, how could we possibly fail? They do not recognise in you, nor did they recognise in me, the fact that we are different. By making the mistake of just seeing you as Monty’s little wife — always at his side and not saying too much — they failed to see that it was because of the deep love and respect you felt for me, and the fact that you alone, recognised that I was no ordinary human being, they actually thought they could push you around. Nothing will ever extinguish this love. It was no accident that you and I came together. It was by design. It was ordained. You understand the reason why we had to come together, as twin-souls, we are bound together, forever.

Please ensure that R. does not make any rash judgements. The doors will open when the timing is right. Certain doors are closing and need to close. He is too important to our plans. You know he is a very big part if it. We have given you information on tape of the great significance of his work for all mankind. We will guide every step of it. His laboratory will be a source of inspiration and learning, recognising new ways of helping mankind. His work is only just beginning. He, as yet, is not aware of who he is. It will be revealed when the need arises. Like you and I, my darling, one must go through the darkness and so emerge into the light. I was in the darkness until I met you, and suddenly everything changed. Without you, I was lost in the wilderness. Veronica, you know our plans. We will not commit them to paper. There are those who would misunderstand them. You are receiving more and more information on other planets. Yes, it is exciting, but deep down you have always known. Now you have details. The changes that will occur in your world will be distressing. There will be earthquakes and tsunamis, etc., the size of your world will be greatly altered. This is necessary. The universe will open up and visits will take place. Man visiting the moon will be small fry in comparison. The technology to do this will soon be available. The bigger picture can no longer be kept secret.

Please say a big thank you, to all our people, from me. Each and every one of them has a valuable role to play. Some greater than others, but each important to the whole. Remember to discuss the plan and prepare plans. Do not leave it to chance, otherwise it will be chaos when the time comes. Write on paper exactly what is expected from everyone, so that no one is left in doubt. I know it’s more work for you, but you will thank me when the time comes. You are a team and must act as such. Thank those who made last week so special, and D.B., whose help was most valuable, whose gifts are from God and who uses them wisely.

As we step into the future together, my darling, know beyond doubt that through our efforts, we will create a better world for all. My love is always with you, my Veronica. Forever, your Monty.