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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 28th December 2008

Christmas was lovely, just as I wanted for you, all the family together, just as families should be. Seeing you all gather at Simon's for dinner on Christmas Eve, and then with you on Christmas Day. Veronica, I too enjoyed it. It really is possible to share in everything from this side of life. One day the penny will drop and people will come to accept that we share in everything and we are fully aware of everything that is happening in your world. We get the full picture, we also see through the the deceit and corruption. Right now, your world is looking forward to new beginnings with a "new man" at the helm . . .  Well, I can assure you, he is not at all what people expect. They have been duped. People failed to ask the right questions. They were completely taken in by the charm and the promises that will never be kept. No one asked where his backing came from. How could a young man come from nowhere and rise to such an office, it is without precedent. He is just a front man who is controlled by those whose plans for your world would shock and horrify most of you, should they take the time to look. Corruption abounds, will people ever learn. I, too, was unaware, and accepted people at face value. I look now at someone I used to trust, who even in death is still trying to extract money from me. Is there no honour? He, and my family, abused my trust. I was blind to the extent of their ignorance and their complete lack of understanding of my life's work. How sad is that.

There are some good people in your world. They are coming forward to speak up for what they believe to be true. When people come to realise the terrible mistakes they have made, they will need guidance to help them put things right. The awakening will begin next year. My work will be looked at with new understanding as I come forward to guide them on the right path. I promised you, my love, they too, will come to know who I really am. Not many people understand who the ELS were. You had to wait four years before I told you who I am. You just "knew" I was different, and this is the reason why I can do all the things that I do now. You know that my plans are great. The timing is crucial. With you at my side, I will succeed. We will show mankind how to live their time on Earth. Death is but a stepping stone to a new life in another world. As you know, our worlds have never been closer. It was necessary to bring this about before we could go forward with our plans. When I speak out, not as Montague Keen, but as who I am, then I will be listened to. When we establish the setting for our cosmic portal, then I will be able to talk and be seen to talk with people. This was forecast even in the bible. The love that you and I shared, is powerful, because we shared it in many lifetimes. When I had to return to this side of life, you were hurting so much, even though I constantly showed you I was around you. My loss was almost unbearable, and it was then, you were confronted with all the dishonesty and corruption of those I had foolishly trusted. As you had not experienced such in your life before, it shocked you to the core . . .  it still does. People think they can get away with so much, hidden under the cloak of respectability. Truth always comes out in the end. I suggest they think on this.

You and I, my dear, are at the beginning of our work together. There are just one or two things that need to be tidied up, before we take the next step. To some, we were an unlikely pair, but when all is revealed, they will fully understand why it had to be this way. We are bound together in love and trust. Forward we go, knowing that through our work we will help to bring peace and harmony to an otherwise unstable world.

Take time for you, my dear. Try to rest occasionally. When our work begins in earnest, there will be no time to rest. We will be continuously on the go. Side by side, we will succeed. Our time is coming. I remain, my darling, your ever-loving husband, Monty.

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